Field Testing

A project log for Rugged Solar Generator 2.5kW

A 2.5kW solar generator designed for overlanding and outdoor adventures in mind.

Philip Ian HaasnootPhilip Ian Haasnoot 07/14/2021 at 19:290 Comments

I know most of the Solar generator builds test their rig with some type of high current draw heat lamp or space heater, but being in Arizona I didn't have access to a space heater. I do have access to some heavy equipment and while the generator was not able to start the table saw, it was more than capable of running the 1 hp drill press.

For a low voltage test I brought the solar generator up to Sedona for our most recent camping trip. No issues charging camera/drone gear, running lights, and powering the diesel tent heater. After 3 days and 2 nights of camping we were sitting at 85% charge, although I am curious to do some extended testing with the diesel heater to see how many nights this generator will be able to keep us warm and toasty.