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Make Minitel Great Again

Louis HLouis H 03/02/2022 at 14:361 Comment

I've just added a new sample code for Arduino that connect to minitel websocket servers.

That is an other way to (re)discover the minitel experience ! (see previous log about Socketel)

Compared to Socketel :

Conveniently, you can connect to teletel or which are "kiosk service" which provide access to other minitel services.

Link to source code : Minitel1B_Websocket_Client.ino

 Enjoy !


64rulez at gmail wrote 03/04/2022 at 17:08 point

Tested and approved.

WebSocket Arduino's implementation is far more stable than µPython's one.

Here's the first overview of what I've been able to capture from a real Minitel mother board : with direct hardware video converstion.

There's still many noise and issues in the hardware color rendering but this is exactly what one may see using one very common real Minitel model (RTIC M1b) - at 4800 Bds (4 times faster than was possible with the V23 modem).

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