As generic as possible

The ESP32 is powerfull, open source and supports Wifi & Bluetooth, making it the first choice for this project.

Accessible for the greatest number

ESP32 is affordable and compatible with Arduino IDE & micropython. USB / UART conversion based on CH340 chip is implemented so that we can program and debug with nothing but a USB-C cable.

Self-powered and Plug-n-Play

The board is powered from Minitel port (8-13v) with a buck converter based on TPS62162, so it doesn't require external power supply. It can also be powered from USB port when it needs to stay on while Minitel is shut down.


Minitel library

The communication with minitel is made using the library from Eserandour. This library is a faithfull traduction of the Minitel technical specifications, very pleasant to work with. Great thanks to him ! Some commands have been added to the library that will be posted soon.

Project examples

The source code of the demo examples will be posted soon, including Pong game, Chess UI, telnet and ble connection.

I am also working on an SSH remote terminal program that will ease and secure the access to RPi based projects.