Creating the mechanics

A project log for Earth globe laser tracker

Track an object with laser on a earth globe

londlond 06/23/2021 at 19:170 Comments

To be able to control the laser dot I need to create a drive mechanic that would fit the lamp hole of a earth globe. My 300mm earth globe have a 38mm hole in the bottom that everything need to fit through.

I started with making a CAD model of what space I had and begun to design the bottom mount that will hold everything inside the globe and also pass the power to electronics.

This is what I come up with, an aluminium part that replaces the lamp mount and have DC-input in the bottom. The centrepin of the DC-input is coupled to the output of the 1000:1 reduced motor, which causes the motor housing to become DC positive. DC negative is passed through the bearings that makes the mechanics to freely rotate without any limitations.