Realtime Video Preview Support & Audio Issues

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Making a GoPro like action camera using the Raspberry Pi Zero at the heart of it all

turkeydevTurkeyDev 07/13/2021 at 18:250 Comments

Been working on the project the past few weeks where I find time. Currently I am having issues getting the i2s microphone to work with FFMPEG. I can capture audio from it via arecord, but ffmpeg seems to have issues. I've outlined my issues in a Stackoverflow post but I've not been able to solve he issue yet, so if you have any ideas, or know someone who may, definitely reach out. Because this issue is holding my up in this project, I've been working on a tangential project to this that uses the camera setup and from that I have implemented a real time video preview from the camera as well as a "VR" video view. Just something cool to mention and I hope to be able to continue working on the camera through that  project while I work on the audio issues. More to come!