Invention feedback from police officer

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A new mechanism that can prevent bullet casing and burned propellant released in to the environment

anteneh-gashawAnteneh Gashaw 10/12/2021 at 12:530 Comments

In an effort to look for some potential market validation, some friend of mine suggested me to ask a comment from military personnel and/ or Police official. So I asked a police officer who investigates crime and his comment was very interesting. He said that "this is very amazing, I didn't even know that there is such problem to being with. This could be very important for outdoor gun range and training centers to solve pollution. But you are making our job harder as a police officer. Police often find that shell casings they collect from a crime scene are their most valuable evidence. Ballistic testing can offer clues about what kind of gun was used and, sometimes, whether that same gun was used in another crime. So I fear the primary customer for this product could be criminals because it will help them avoid leaving gun shells. But this also could give us an opportunity to work on improvement of police technology to fight crime. Most technology development in the past has been used for other purposes, and this one is no difference. It's great, keep it up."