SPROUT is a difficult project for advanced users. It consists of the following components:

3D printed parts
All parts that can be produced with the 3D printer are available for free. Download them from PrusaPrinters: https://www.prusaprinters.org/de/prints/42021-sprout-brawl-stars-robot

Deep drawing mold
The clear hood from SPROUT was the hardest part of the whole project. Unfortunately, it cannot be produced using the 3D printing process. I therefore had to have these made by a friend who knows the deep drawing process. I simply printed the basic shape from the 3D printer, and this was then covered with a transparent film in the deep-drawing process. Pretty tricky!

The electronics are based on the "B-ROBOT EVO" robot kit from JJ Robots: https://www.jjrobots.com/much-more-than-a-self-balancing-robot/

If you want to recreate SPROUT, I recommend that you order this kit directly from JJ Robots and assemble the B-ROBOT EVO beforehand before you venture out on SPROUT. B-ROBOT EVO is relatively well documented, you get a quick sense of achievement and then you know the basic structure on which SPROUT is based. The experience with B-ROBOT EVO will be extremely helpful when recreating SPROUT, and you will then have all the electronic components that you also need for SPROUT! (Arduino Zero compatible board, 2 stepper motors including drivers and cables, 1 servo, 1 battery compartment, 2 O-rings ...)

The software is also based on the "B-ROBOT EVO" robot kit. You can download it for free on Github. For SPROUT, however, you still have to make a few small adjustments, as SPROUT, in contrast to EVO, has a significantly higher center of gravity and the possible angles of inclination are in a rather narrow range.

For SPROUT you need various M3 screws (length range 6-10 mm) including square nuts and a few M2 screws including square nuts.

Do you have further questions about SPROUT? Then get in touch, I'll be happy to answer them!

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