Wavepool - Oscilloscope and Generator

Combo of earlier projects I made. Combines a square function generator with an arduscope for a portable testing instrument.

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This project utilized an Arduino Nano, SSD1306, four switches, one NE555, two LEDs, one AMS1117-5.0, one XL4015, one SPST 3p, one SPDT 6p, and two 18650s. The oscilloscope and generator are built on separate PCBs, and powered by a common rail created by the LDO. The buttons are mounted on a submodule that is wired into the main circuit. The ground circuits between the XL4015 and the other elements are separated by the primary power switch, the SPDT 6 pole. The device can only be charged when power is physically switched off. This project utilized a modded version of arduscope and may incorporate further features when I stabilize the ADC calibration. It is fairly accurate in a few ranges however and meets well within its 5% specification.

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