Step 4. Adding an Intent

A project log for GUILLENGAP Cobot

Collaborative Robot Arm with Artificial Intelligence, and Used as Assistant in: 1) Voice Command System & 2) Sorting Objects System

guillermo-perez-guillenGuillermo Perez Guillen 06/28/2021 at 02:020 Comments

Intents are what Snips uses to handle user requests. For this Assistant, we'll start by creating an intent for turning Here/There the MATRIX Creator's App.

Create a new intent roboticArmState for your RoboticArm app

Once you've defined your intent, you need to extract whether the user wants their robotic arm here or there. This is where slots come in.

Create a new slot called power and a custom slot type with the same name.

Make sure your power slot type has here & there as values.

Create example sentences containing the words here and there. Highlight these words in your example sentences to assign them to your recently created power slot.

Be sure to save!