Free Smiling Robot As A Gift To An ME/CFS Patient

A project log for Botkins Charity Project

for bedridden people, to virtually visit friends and family

DejanDejan 07/25/2021 at 13:330 Comments

This robot will be gifted to any ME/CFS patient. We are currently setting up this charity project to make similar robots more accessible and affordable for ME/CFS patients. If you or someone you know could use one, let us know and we'll update once the charity is set up. The «Botkins» charity runs on donations as well on the help of willing makers. 

I'm severely ill from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), a controversial treatment called «Graded Exercise Therapy» ( ) made me mostly bedridden, and left me only dreaming of the outside world.      

This same controversial treatment is now being applied to long-covid patients with arguably similar devastating outcomes.     

MEAction and solvecfs ( ) advocate instead to stay within one's energy envelope, and place emphasis on #StopRestPace ( ) / the importantance of «Pacing».      

I use robots similar to the one shown to visit family and friends. Recently i watched my dad getting remarried through such a robot, i see these robots as a big win in quality of life, even if it makes me tear up just writing this. Love you all. 

CC music license: Emotional Piano Ballad by FollowMe ( )