A project log for Botkins Charity Project

Robots for #MECFS & #LongCovid patients, to virtually visit friends and family. #BotkinsCharity

DejanDejan 09/27/2022 at 12:420 Comments

Markus Leutwyler, Jana and Cat Ly have started another Vigibot at W3rkh0f. Many many parts have to be sorted and checked before one can start building. Some parts are also hard to get at the moment. So we have to constantly check if and where the components are available and strike in time with the order. Supply chains in electronics are difficult right now, even for DIY components. Markus, a DIY electronics veteran, regularly offers workshops on the make human technology platform. Soon there will hopefully be one for building Botkins robots. 

Another association, the Hackerspace Odenwilusenz, has lent us two 3D printers so we can print the plastic parts of the bot ourselves. Many Thanks!