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A project log for Botkins Charity Project

Robots for #MECFS & #LongCovid patients, to virtually visit friends and family. #BotkinsCharity

dejanDejan 02/22/2024 at 12:290 Comments

The Botkins Charity Project was founded by D. Lauber, who is bedridden with severe M.E. He built robots to see the world and to use them as a surrogate to visit his family. And so it began.  

The Botkins Charity Project is all about providing bedridden patients who suffer from M.E. or Long Covid with a tool to take part in social life again. Something that these patients dearly miss.  

Botkins is thankful towards @vigibot, whose design plans and software Botkins can use. These DIY robots function as an extension of the patients themselves, enabling them to visit family and friends and to attend birthdays, holidays, weddings and other gatherings.   

Not only can patients attend such occasions passively, but also actively interact in real-time if they have the strength to do so.   

The possibilities the Botkins open up can have a significant positive impact in regards to quality of life for the severely ill and physically disabled patients.   

This is empowerment put into practice.  

This is our vision and our mission. We would love to see that vision grow. Are you in?  

We need reinforcement for our Makers-Team. Also, since we are a donation-based charity, we welcome every financial contribution, however big or small 🤍   

Find out how you can support us here:  (link in bio)  We are looking for volunteers as Social Media Editors, Communicators, for fundraising and PR as well as for administrative tasks.  Get in touch:   

Last but not least - visibility is key. This is where each and every one of you can make a huge difference: like, share, subscribe, comment 🤍    Let's make this happen!  

Love, The Botkins Charity Team    #millionsmissing #botkinscharity #vigibot #StopRestPace #DIY #robotics #raspberrypi #disability #empowerment #pov #fyp #MEcfs #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis