Paddle Controller Adapter

Convert Any Optical Mouse into a Paddle Controller

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A custom 3D printed knob to convert any optical Mouse into an Atari style Paddle Controller.

Play Tempest , Pong, or Arkanoid the way it should be in the 1980's, with a spinning knob!

Video Instructions and demo:

I've always wanted to play Tempest the way it should be played in the 1980's, with a spinny disk!

Now I can with minimal hardware modifications.


Thingiverse Model:

Based off of Original Atari 2600 Paddle Replacement Wheel by jtritell

Replacement Paddle Controller Wheel model made by jtritell's was modified to accept a magnet instead of a potentiometer.

plain - 19.67 kB - 06/29/2021 at 05:32


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 405.65 kB - 06/29/2021 at 05:32


x-openscad - 2.96 kB - 06/29/2021 at 05:32


MPEG-4 Video - 36.00 MB - 06/29/2021 at 05:32


  • 1 × Optical Mouse
  • 5 × 6 mm dia x 3mm neodymium disk magnets

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    Post Printing

    Sand and paint as desired.

    Hot glue your magnet into the hole.

    If hole is too small to accept a magnet, additional drilling may be necessary to expand it.

    Make sure the polarity matches with magnet installed in the mouse!

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    Modified Mouse

    Magnets must be installed 14 to 20 mm of the lens.

    Install a total of 4 magnets, one directly above, below, left and right of the lens.

    Make sure the polarity matches with the magnet installed in the knob!

    Ensure that the magnet does not interfere with the proper functioning of the mouse, and that no electrical components are shorted.

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