Do you searching for cheap and simple electronics projects, then this project is for you. In this project, I will teach you to make 3 simple electronics project circuits. You can make this circuit at home easily. You also use this circuit as like school project college project and university project.

Project No - 1

Project Name – Solar Make Dark Sensor

Component List :

1. Transistor – BC 547

2. Diode – 1N 4007

3. Resistor – 1 KΩ

4. Battery – 3.7v

5. Led – 3 watt

6. Solar

Circuit Connection –

1st we connect diode positive leg with “Emitter” of transistor. Now Connect 1K resistor with “Base” and negative leg of diode. Now Connect LED negative leg with “Collector” of transistor.

Now We connect Solar Panel with the circuit. Connect solar panel positive cable with LED positive leg and connect negative cable with diode negative leg. Now we connect power source with the circuit. Connect battery positive cable with LED positive leg and connect battery negative cable with “Emitter” of transistor. Put & move light on the solar panel and enjoy the circuit.


Project No - 2 Project Name – Transformer Less LED Driver Circuit

Component List :

1. Diode – 1N 4007 *8

2. Resistor – 10 KΩ

3. Capacitor – 100µf/25v

4. Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor – 105k 400v

5. Power Source - AC Line

6. LED – DC 12v

7. AC Cable

Circuit Connection -

1st Divide 8 diode into 2 parts. Then make series connection between these 2 parts. Connect PF with diode and connect AC cable with PF and diode. Connect resistor with diode and then connect capacitor with the circuit. For better result you can follow the circuit diagram.

Make a series connection in 4 pieces 3v led. Then connect led negative leg with capacitor negative leg and connect led positive leg with capacitor positive leg.

Plug-In AC cable, and enjoy the circuit.

Project No - 3 Project Name – Mini & Cheap Amplifier Circuit

Component List :

1. Amplifier Circuit

2. Speaker *2

3. Battery – 3.7v

4. Audio Input Cabel.

Circuit Connection –

It is a SMD stereo amplifier circuit. This circuit can be run with DC-5v or 3.7v battery. You can use 4Ω speaker with the circuit. The sound quality of this amplifier circuit is just awesome. You can carry the circuit and speaker easily.

You also can use this amplifier inside your bike, truck, car and other places also. Though it is a complete circuit board, for that we just connect the connector with the circuit. Then connect battery, audio input cable.

Just connect audio device with the circuit and enjoy the music.