Pole stand

A project log for Personal air conditioning with MEMS

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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 07/28/2021 at 20:400 Comments

It became clear that air has to pass under the transducers to keep the mist from getting blown down & to make room for a fan.

The transducers ooze a little when they're turned off, but not enough to require a tub.  Most of the overflow comes out of the cap when the water level sensor fails or the gatorade bottle is too high.  Because of the airflow situation, a pole stand which catches the overflow just from the cap & directs it down to a tub would be ideal.

The ideal angle & height of the transducers has evolved to a fixed position which simplifies matters.  The overflow always goes out the back.   There could be a flat funnel with a channel to direct the overflow down the back.

10 meters of filament later, the stand emerged.

The mist still went down, but more of it is evaporating.  At least it directed all the overflow into the tub.

It should sit farther back so the transducer dripping gets captured.  There's no easy way to farsten the stand to the tub.  The base needs a vertical bit which can farsten horizontally.