The truth about vanilla

A project log for Personal air conditioning with MEMS

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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 07/17/2022 at 21:280 Comments

A few days revealed why vanilla is cheap.  It's just corn oil.  It made everything smell like popcorn, depending on the concentration.

Got every perfume in the Bidie buck store. The sprayers are good enough that prying them off & developing stoppers won't be necessary.  They all say flammable but the amount of dilution should defeat the problem.  Anything is better than eau de apartment.  The apartment started out smelling like indian curry.  We've come a long way.

The weak link was #24.  That smelled like orange juice.  The rest smelled great in the swap cooler, as well as the legerdemanne.  They're much more diluted than expensive stuff.

The floor fan was replaced by a desk fan.  The optimum placement of the swamp cooler is right in front of the fan, pointing diagonally into the fan.  It can't spray from behind the fan without condensing on the grille.  Ideally, the water collection bin would be right below it & the whole thing would be on a big stand so it could go higher.

There is now algae growing in places where the PLA is slowly leaking & water tends to accumulate.  There is a slowly evolving design for a new enclosure.  The mane problem is creating a taller stand for use with the desk fan.

The hydrometer allowed a big increase in use of the humidifier.  Lions have had much better skin since the hydrometer arrived.