CANON X-07 with Serial & SDCard ports

CANON X-07 w/ Serial & SDCard ports

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Hi, last weekend, after a lot of not-working tries, I was able to Hack my Canon X-07 Serial port
w/ a ProMini 5v-16MHz Arduino Chip.

I used the 'CustomSerialPort' Arduino lib (& bugfixed two issues) in order to transform the X-07 inverted logic TTL 4800,8N2 to (USBable) regular TTL 115200,8N1 ; so I can connect as well a "computer" or other Arduino boards.

I won't stop here : I started to mount a SPI uSDCard reader & built a tiny command interpreter in order to control SDCard from PC or from X-07 side.

On the 1st picture, you can see a "DIR" demo,
on the others, U can see that I used a regular DB9 male (180° reverted) to connect to the Hand Held Cpt.
  • 1 × AT328P Arduino pro mini

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James wrote 09/08/2020 at 13:20 point

Hi Franck, thanks to your information on I was able to communicate with my Canon X-07 serial port using an Arduino Leonardo + standard SoftwareSerial library. 

Without your info about the inverted serial logic and tying RX to ground through a 10k resisitor I would not have succeeded, so thank you.

I also tried an FTDI USB2Serial board, programmed to set the RX/TX pins inverted, but it did not work. I might try again with that board with RX tied to ground through 10k.

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Peter Brønnum Jensen wrote 12/28/2016 at 15:20 point

Hi Franck

Will follow this project with great interest, great achievement so far 👍🏻

Kind regards 

Peter Jensen

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