Calibration Wizard GUI

A project log for Power Analyzer based on a COTS Power Monitoring IC

The idea of this project is the development of a power analyzer based on the ACS71020 power monitoring IC.

SebastianSebastian 08/06/2021 at 16:240 Comments

Today was GUI-programming time. Functionality is not yet implemented, but the formulas are written down and waiting to be implemented and tested.

The wizard is accessible via a button next to the scope window. The serial bus instance is passed as an init-parameter, for sending and receiving data to and from the teensy. GUI programming (with tkinter) is a bit tedious, so I am happy to be done with the main workload in this matter. Next week it is finally ready to test!

On another matter: Immunity test

I've got the possibility to test this device with a surge generator (Schaffner NSG 623) for its transient immunity. In theory, it is able to withstand voltage spikes up to 3 kV. But first I will finish the calibration wizard and of course I have to study the handbook.