Finished Calibration Wizard

A project log for Power Analyzer based on a COTS Power Monitoring IC

The idea of this project is the development of a power analyzer based on the ACS71020 power monitoring IC.

SebastianSebastian 08/14/2021 at 07:230 Comments

So yesterday I was able to finish the calibration wizard. Both offset correction and fine-trim work pretty well, as well as RMS voltage and current.

I am currently working on a short demonstration video, showing the process. I hope I get it done until tomorrow.

The current version is in the Github repository.

What comes next?

As mentioned in a previous log, I plan to test the design for immunity against voltage / current transients. I am eager to see the results.

A build-documentation will come. I ordered a few PCBs, which should arrive in the next days. Unfortunately, I haven't got another housing, so the current one has to suffice. I will keep you updated!