Sensei32-WiFi_Air_Quality Station is here!

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High-quality ULP, Battery-Powered, ESP32 board with embedded environment sensors.

Davide RagginiDavide Raggini 07/31/2021 at 22:130 Comments

The WiFi Air Quality Station firmware acquires 12 measures every hour (one measure every 5minutes, 300s) from the integrated Texas Instruments HDC1080 Temperature and Humidity sensor and the integrated Bosh BME688 Temperature, Humidity, Presssure and Air Quality sensor. Each hour, the mean value of the 12 past measurments is computed and trasmitted over WiFi to Thingspeak for data logging and representation. The firmware embeds an algorithm that, leveraging from a NTP time sample every hour, keep the Sensei32 wake-up time in sync with global time.

Take a look at Sensei32_WiFi_AirQuality_Advanced running on Thingspeak Public View

We are looking forward to reach 1 year of battery life thanks to the optimised Sensei32 (Ver.001 Rev.002) Hardware Design and Firmware. Check out the 3D-Print_Case folder on the project Github and print your own Sensei32 case!

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