Denailer 9000

A contraption that finds nails my friendly neighbor scatters on my training spot.

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Bar of magnets with wheels and a stick. Needs testing.

To some extent I understand the person who does this, because there are a lot of irresponsible people using this spot. They have aftermarket exhausts (I'm all stock), make noise, ride at late evening (one guy bragged he rode until midnight). But the thing is, there is almost NO such free places to train on a motorbike in the city I live, so no wonder riders use it. It is an old parking lot belonging to a shopping mall that closed a year ago.

FreeCAD link available somewhere on this page.

In case somebody lives in central / eastern Europe here are links for some of the pieces I use:
* Wheels :
* Vileda mop :


FreeCAD 0.20 was used to create this.

fcstd - 697.28 kB - 07/08/2021 at 19:58


  • 30 × Magnet 10x30x8 cm
  • 1 × Vileda mop stick
  • 2 × Wheels
  • 1 × A few 3d printouts

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