Action Puck - Gaming for RC Cars

For RC Car owners, the Action Puck and companion app turns any location into a multiplayer gaming arena

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Attach the Action Puck module to your RC car and turn any location into a multiplayer gaming arena.

The action puck is an AI powered WiFi car tracker that uses uses machine learning to detect every jump, stunt, lap and speed run that you make in real time. Combined with the xScape social gaming app, connect with friends or meet local drivers around the world to compete in games, races and challenges.

The USB rechargeable Action Puck attaches to any RC car in seconds for hours of fun. Use the xScape RC app to discover thousands of local spots, trails and events. Hours if RC fun is just a click away.

We believe that bringing people together for shared, real-world gaming experiences enables deep social connections that aren't possible with online gaming. Our small and scrappy, bootstrapped team, has been working for 2 years to drive this vision forward.

The Action Puck enabled RC car racing platform evolved from our team's drone racing heritage. The hardware consists of a sensor package that includes a GPS, IMU, Barometer and Compass. Mounted to any RC car, it streams real-time telemetry via WiFi to our gaming app. Our machine learning algorithm, trained for months in the real world, detects every jump, flip, drift and crash the the driver makes in real time. 

Our technology understands what the car is doing in real-time and we use that to create breakthrough multiplayer RC car gaming experiences. This includes "party games", stunt competitions and racing.

The third piece that ties the experience together is xScape RC, a social app that connects local RC drivers for meet-ups and events. The app lists thousands of public, RC car friendly locations around the world.

When the action puck launches, all these locations will be turned into gaming arenas. Each location will have a leaderboard, challenges and records. Or you can download a universal track and compete in global competitions.

Open Source Software Used

PX4 Autopilot



  • 1 × ESP32
  • 1 × IMU Non-IC RF, IF, RFID, ZigBee Components / Inductors and Coils
  • 1 × BARO Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 1 × GPS RF, RFID Hardware / Antennas

  • Summer of Testing

    Pete Mauro09/24/2021 at 22:27 0 comments

    Classifying jumps, flips and other stunts and measuring jump height and distance requires real-world field testing. Our Machine Learning model requires a lot of training data so our team spent a lot of time this summer testing the Action Puck in all kinds of scenarios with different types of RC Cars.

    Our team regularly takes RC cars, a jump ramp and measuring devices to the local park to capture data. Each jump is recorded by our software and on video. Logs are analyzed and used to refine our Machine Learning Model.

    It's also important to test with our users. Our team traveled all over Southern California this summer to attend RC car events. Each meeting with an RC enthusiast was an opportunity to playtest our game, get feedback and collect more training data.

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