This time I will show you how to make analog-style stereo VU meters on small 0.96 inch OLED displays. Some time ago I received small yellow OLED displays that are ideal for this purpose.

The device is made according to the instructions of "stevenart" in the forum where you can also find the original code(for SH1106 Oled). Specifically in this case the codes are slightly modified(SSD1306 Oled), and in the hardware, part is added a simple input circuit (envelope follower) so that the VU meter can be connected directly to the output of the audio amplifier. The device is very simple to build and contains only a few components.
    As can be seen, the VU meter contains two identical assemblies for each channel separately. It can be made with just one Arduino, but in that case, OLED displays must have different I2C addresses. My OLED displays had the same I2C address, so I had to make two identical devices, which cost only a few dollars more as much as the Arduino. However, it is better if you are able to get Oled displays with different addresses, or if there is a possibility, to change the address of one display with soldering according to some of the instructions given online. Below are codes for VU meters with linear scale and arc scale. For Reverse light modification it is necessary to do the following:

  In viod setup after :
We need to add :

  So the components of one channel are:
    - Arduino Microcontroller
    - SSD1306 small Oled display 0.96"
    - two resistors
    - one capacitor
    - And potentiometer     
   The other channel is identical. Let me mention that the movement of the arrows is smooth when viewed live. Finally, the device is mounted in a suitable box made of PVC material and lined with self-adhesive colored wallpaper.