Seeed Spartan Edge FPGA Up and Running

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Homebrew Retro-Inspired 32-bit CPU And Video Game System

TomTom 12/07/2021 at 04:250 Comments

I know I'm jumping ahead a bit, but I was so excited to get this up and running on the first try!

Seed Spartan Edge with JTAG Programmer and HDMI Display

I first tried one of the Vivado blink programs to test the whole compile and download to device process which worked fine. Then I found this excellent demo project from fellow hacker SmartPerson over on GitHub. He also has a great series of videos on YouTube detailing exactly where he got the source and modified it for this board. He did great work, as it ran on the FPGA first try. It's not a game, just displays some images, text, and sprites and moves them, but it demonstrates the use of Block RAM, the HDMI port, and interfacing a pin to the ESP32 chip on the board.

Now I just need to get some time to hack on it, change some things up.