HDMI "Mode 0" Text Output functional on the Spartan Edge FPGA

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TomTom 01/16/2022 at 18:580 Comments

While I have been working on the emulator and assembler, I have also been playing around with the Seeed Spartan Edge FPGA. After watching an untold number of videos on You Tube, and reading through a few (unfortunately too few) GitHub projects, I have managed to implement an HDMI output example in Verilog for the Spartan 7 FPGA.

Spartan Edge FPGA

It currently only supports a single resolution at a time, set to 1280x720 for now. I have tentatively called "Mode 0" (the only one at this point really) as an 80x45 character text mode using a 16x16 bit ASCII font. For this test case, I store both the default VRAM contents (80x45 bytes) and the font (128x2x16...half the ASCII character set, plus 2 by 16 bytes for each character bitmap) in block RAM on the FPGA.

The next step for the FPGA project is to create some code to write data to the dual-port block RAM, so the HDMI output can display text. I figure the first step for that is to work on the ALU and CPU pipeline implementation. That will at least allow some part of reading and writing to memory.