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A project log for Motivation

Run this each day for 30 days for motivation to finish your projects.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 07/11/2021 at 03:320 Comments

I'm studying psychology as background for an unrelated project.

Whenever you study something, it's always a good idea to have some reason that you want the information for - a project, or end goal, or something. That way, the information will seem meaningful and valuable to your mind. Also, as you encounter individual bits of information that could contribute to the end goal, these bits will be easier to remember.

So as an end goal for my studies, I considered answer the question: "What motivates creativity?"

Throughout the classes, any time creativity or motivation came up the topic was highlighted in my mind and I could file it away for future consideration. I've done this now for several college-level courses and a handful of books. Most of psychology is about motivation, so this one question managed to cover much of the material.

Then I noticed that people complain that they never finish their projects. They start a project, lose interest, put it on a shelf, and it collects dust. Some people have collected dozens of half-finished projects.

I have dozens of these as well.

So it occurred to me: with an understanding of motivation, is it possible to *change* your mind to get better motivated? There are techniques all over the literature that describe ways to influence people. Can these techniques be integrated into a system that can be used for personal development?

Hence this program.

I'll describe the individual techniques in a later log. Right now I've got much of the program running (the slideshow works and all the support programs are done), the project categories have images and words (but these need to be culled and polished), and I've got about half a dozen articles and techniques written long-hand ready to be coded.