Flashing style doesn't work

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Peter WalshPeter Walsh 07/24/2021 at 20:580 Comments

As part of the project I'm flashing words (and images) at people.

To be certain they're focused on the slideshow, I'm "highlighting" one or more words during the slideshow.

At the end of the slideshow they're asked to identify the highlighted word. Nothing fancy, just a 4-point multiple choice, one of which is the highlighted word. No significance to this at all, except to keep the user focused on the slideshow as it happens.

Highlighting can be anything, like showing the word in a different color, rotating it, outlining it, and so on. Something to make the word "notable" and stand out, so the user notices it.

So now... what types of highlighting can I use?

I originally thought that "flashing" a different style at the user would be an acceptable method of highlighting. Having a word flash briefly red, for example. Or flashing briefly into uppercase. Or briefly rotated.

These look awful, so I've decided to drop the concept. I'd like to have a bunch more highlighting options, because I think it's important for the user *not* to be familiar with the methods used. The highlight should surprise the user, to get him to think about the word. That should highlight the concepts more strongly, and create a better priming.

I figure 2 days of coding will complete the coding (one for configuration, one for lesson management). Lesson management is mostly done, and configuration is mostly simple, so these might get done in a single day. Possibly tonight...

Also: Storing local data for a file:/// web page STILL doesn't work in Firefox, and I think it's an actual bug in Firefox.

I think I'll ignore this. It works in default Chromium, and Firefox only holds, like, 3% of the browser share anyway. (I *hate* that I have to say this, but I'm just about ready to ditch Firefox entirely for a new browser anyway. Those people simply don't understand what made their product great, and keep making changes no one wants..)