Lesson Arc 1 almost complete

A project log for Motivation

Run this each day for 30 days for motivation to finish your projects.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 07/26/2021 at 03:450 Comments

Lesson arc 1 (across 6 days) is almost complete, only need to add one more day of lesson text. Six days is a little long, I'm going to see if I can tuck two of the days together to shorten it a bit. I want to keep the really short, but now they're turning out a bit *too* short. Aesthetics in general can wait, but there's no reason not to be thinking about it.

Much of today was image editing, which I am painfully inept at, but the images came out OK if a little stuffy.

This first lesson arc is a more complex than the others, because it has to teach the basics of all the other arcs as well as implement one of the techniques.

This particular technique is "concordant self-image", which is to say that if you get a person to act in a way different from his beliefs, his beliefs will change to bring his image into concordance with his actions.

If you have substituted external motivations for internal ones (the overjustification effect), this exercise should be able to reverse that. I'll add some mantra conditioning as well (last page, not yet complete), and together the two should (I expect) be powerful enough to put the intrinsic motives back in place.

One or two of the other lessons should add a little amplification to the effect. Hopefully it will be enough to turn people around on their wayward projects.