Second beta tester says project is effective

A project log for Motivation

Run this each day for 30 days for motivation to finish your projects.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 09/28/2021 at 20:530 Comments

Second beta tester checked in, and reports that the system seems to work:

"Yes, I'm definitely more motivated, thanks! Everything is making a lot of sense. The self-image stuff, the mantras, I agree with this stuff, and I think I might be internalizing it."

So to summarize: The first 2 beta testers have reported that the system is effective at increasing motivation.

That's not yet a statistically significant sample, but it's promising. For an experimental project based on "best guesses" for how the mind works, it's a pleasing result.

I'm going to wait a week (for the HAD prize flood to die down a little) and then submit the project to the blog for a potential writeup. If I can get 5 more beta testers, that would be pretty significant results.