Yet Another Pomodoro Timer aka the Squishy timer

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A simple timer with a ring to count down. The build is done and I hope I took photos. I still need to work on code which should be reusable in your own projects
Code will be ip on GitHub when I have something working

Bill of materials

  • Seeed Xaio
  • 24 LED ring light ( Not an Adafruit Neopixel ring but only because I couldn’t get one with Amazon gift cards)
  • 2 momentary switches (part of a donor board. It is mounted under the diffuser so that the buttons can be pushed but are hidden. 

External build

  • The LED diffuser is part of a opaque folder with mirrored sticker stock covering the middle.  I tried just paper, card stock, and half a clear plastic ornament ball.  None of those results looked as nice. 
  • Underneath the LED ring is a clear plastic ring salvaged from a roll of large format printer paper.  This was what everything was mounted to.  It was wrapped with more mirrored stickers to cut down on light leaks. 
  • The colourful outside was made with Hey Clay, a foam clay for kids.  It is easy to mold and clean up. It dries soft but shrinks a significant amount.  This is why it’s pulled back from the diffuser. 
  • Not shown - lots of hot glue.  Seriously, it was a lot. 

  • Github

    Steamfoundry07/19/2021 at 23:14 0 comments

    For anyone following along at home I've added the code to Github.  So far it's just a few visualizations I've coded up to test and decide what I wanted it to look like..

  • Q: Why is it called squishy?

    Steamfoundry07/19/2021 at 23:12 0 comments

    A: The clay foam outside ended up almost like a stress ball and the way the buttons are mounted under the diffuser means you have to squish on the top to press them.

    Sorry, no mystery here

  • Hey Clay

    Steamfoundry07/12/2021 at 02:12 0 comments

    To anyone looking for Hey Clay that isn’t in Canada to buy it from COOP….

    Good luck. 

    I just used it because it was handy and good enough for a prototype. 
    if you have the cash just use Sugru for better results. 

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