I haven't touched this project in months oof.

A project log for Resurrecting an old floppy drive with a new board!

That's it. That's the project. I'm trying to remanufacture a logic board using only the schematics from the manual.

TheMajorTechieTheMajorTechie 10/22/2021 at 06:100 Comments

Haha, college go brrr.

No progress has been made so far, BUT, I have two new developments:

  1. I recently came across a far less-degraded copy of the original schematics. This should help clear up some of the confusion I've had in redrawing the schematics.
  2. I may or may not have acquired a working Model 52, which is identical in all but the drive mechanism to the Model 51 that I intend to rebuild the logic board for. This should give me a good point of reference for what signals should look like.