The Cipher

A project log for AND!XOR DC29 Badge

IC shortage got you down? Shift our DC badge plans to something a little more discrete.

Hyr0nHyr0n 07/25/2021 at 04:570 Comments

So... no schematic, no BOM, and the markings on the PCB have little pictures. LOLZ! Don't fret, this is where the fun comes in. It was mentioned in the earlier log, but essentially you need to crack a cipher. This can be done quantitatively (i.e. using frequency analysis) or qualitatively (i.e. seeing how the images relate to one another, putting them in the right order, and understanding how they map to the alphabet). To do this, you need SAMPLES and a good shot of the badge. See below and get crackin! We highly recommend you collaborate with others on site at the CPV or online in our Slack (OR BOTH!) 

The Key

Sample 0

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4


These may also lead you to understand how the front face castellated PCB's get properly soldered on...