Update: Materials and Machines ​

A project log for SOL75 - a 3D customizer

Reliable hardware designed by robots

FrancescoFrancesco 07/15/2021 at 16:320 Comments

Looking up material properties like densities, ultimate tensile strength or max temperature is a very boring task; so it's perfect for automation!

SOL75 now supports materials through a database of the most common 3D printing plastics and uses those properties to check if the part will fail. This is all based on classical mechanical theory so nothing out of the ordinary there. The cool thing is that SOL75 doesn't just check if a material is suitable for the application, it actually choose the correct one among the material you allow.   

Another useful new feature is that you can tailor the design for your 3D printer. Suppose that your printer has a tolerance of 0.2 mm. That is better than most machines, but it won't matter if the designer of the component used a tolerance of 0.5 mm. 

In SOL75 you can fully take advantage of your printer capabilities by feeding them as an input, this means never screw up the tolerances again!