Rev2 and Rev3

A project log for ESP32 LoRa Gateway

ESP32 with dual LoRa modules

morganmorgan 05/24/2023 at 21:270 Comments

I haven't written about this project in a while but have still been busily tweaking away. Revision 2 has been under testing for a while now and is generally looking ready for production.

The only real major issue is the transistor on Q1 (middle, near the bottom) got it's footprint swapped by mistake but has been fixed and will be in the final upcoming revision.

Other changes will be;

* adding a 5V input to the header, this will allow external power to be used

* changing the through-hole battery connector to PH2.0 like in the picture above

* Indicator LEDs! I always think I don't need them until I do...

* USB power status, beyond battery level, it's good to know if you've got power coming in

I expect these boards to be available in about a month, and while I've got some mulling to do still, I think my price point is going to be around $100. I would love to hear other LoRa hackers thought's on pricing and the product overall. If you're interested in hearing when there available either watch here or email to get an email for the official announcement.