Pocket NC jog controller

A project with pi pico, it makes controlling your Pocket NC much easier

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Getting frustrated when doing some manual machining on my Pocket NC, I decide to make a CNC jog controller for my Pocket NC, like the ones you find on a HAAS machine.

The controller has to have 2 basic functions: 1. Being able to select the axis, 2. Have a jog wheel.

Also, I don’t want to make the controller only limited to Pocket NC, but be a “universal” controller, if I make a robotic arm in the future, I want the controller able to, controller.

To do this I decided to use the new Pi Pico as the controller’s control board, it will communicate to the computer HID, basically act like a mouse and a keyboard. Then I have a Python script running on the computer to interpret the control’s input and translate it into action needed; in this case, licking the axis button on the Pocket NC control site.

video of the jog controller working.

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  • 1
    getting the files.

    go to my GitHub page and download all the files:

    3D print the stl file in sequence.

  • 2

    secure led, button and jog wheel so it look at the front of the controller. 

    wire up all component like this: 

    solder everything.
  • 3
    getting the software ready

    the software instructions are over at GitHub, where you download all the files from.

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Mwhitehouse wrote 02/22/2023 at 18:58 point

hi, im having trouble getting the software to work. When I run the receiver I get a bunch of errors.

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