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A project log for Barnabas Blocks Upgrade - BIG 2021

Webserial API webtool to upload Arduino code.

richardrichard 07/19/2021 at 20:122 Comments


Hello! After looking at a whole bunch of js files and feeling lost and discouraged, I realized that blockly(blocklyduino) already existed, lol. My negligence, yikes. So I decided to try and meticulously go over code.js and see how it all connects together. Still definitely working on it, but at this point, my brain is fried. Here's how I'm thinking so far. I realized through this exercise that I'm exactly like what Mr. Ed made a brief comment on last week. "Find a thread and pull". Once I find threads, I try and pull to find the root. It's very interesting to see how that's how my mind works(at the very least for this exercise). Still a long way to go, and I'm sure I'm making mistakes! Thank you all and have a good start to your week :)


Dante wrote 07/19/2021 at 23:37 point

Wonderful! Definitely lower-level than what the rest of us have done, and probably more useful for debugging in that regard (whereas higher-level might be better for feature additions).

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richard wrote 07/20/2021 at 00:16 point

You're right! This may be outside of the scope of what Mr. Ed asked for, I'll try and think more high-level moving forward :)

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