08/09 Project Log Entry - Shawn

A project log for Barnabas Blocks Upgrade - BIG 2021

Webserial API webtool to upload Arduino code.

Sion HwangSion Hwang 08/10/2021 at 00:380 Comments

Hi all, sorry for the bad quality photo (currently at work in the car). But I thought I should post something for the week.

Since I do not have internet on the laptop, I have lightly written some notes for the README page and a few realizations from generator files while thinking about how we could clean up the generators/arduino directory.

However, I am still not entirely sure whether all of the generators js files are necessary, as I do not have access to the internet and cannot run the code. I also do not know if the README is thorough enough; I just took bits and pieces from the old README and the notes we took from the past week to maintain consistency within the writing styles. (Or were we doing a complete overhaul? Haha)

Hopefully I can get a better look into this as soon as I get home tonight!