09/14 - Project Log Entry

A project log for Barnabas Blocks Upgrade - BIG 2021

Webserial API webtool to upload Arduino code.

sion-hwangSion Hwang 09/14/2021 at 18:590 Comments

For my update today, I am ashamed to say that I have not been able to implement a working function for the scroll blocks using bit manipulation. However, I did write down what the function in custom generators and blocks would look like:

This is for the scroll_left function, where an input of an "Array" would be taken (would have to declare this). The scroll_right function would be the same, except all of the "left" words would be replaced by "right."

This is what the idea of the bitwise function would be. I forgot to add extra brackets in the "else" part, whoops!

But I realized while writing this that bitwise manipulation would be hard, as it would take a long time to run and inputting an array of 2048 bits might be difficult on our Barnabas Blocks platform.

Looking forward to what everyone else has to share about this today!