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A project log for Transforming Birthday Cake

Birthday cake on a moving platform that sounds and transforms like Optimus Prime.

Russell MunroRussell Munro 01/02/2017 at 07:140 Comments

Where the original cake had 2 motors, the new cake will have only one.

This time instead of an expensive stepper motor I want to use a DC motor with a leadscrew (pictured below) because they are cheap ($5 from Ebay) and the control electronics, a DC motor controller shield, is also affordably prices on eBay.

The Cake, including icing, will weight an estimated 1.6kg (3.5lbs). But because of the leverage of the lifting arm the motor will have to move 3x that, 4.8kg (10.5lbs)

I hope to use no more than 6 AA batteries to power the electronic but there is a bit of trial and error to come after my parts arrive in a few weeks.

Naturally I will create a BOM (Bill of Materials) as the project progresses which will include a list of all the final electronics and links of where to buy them.