Taking shape

A project log for Transforming Birthday Cake

Birthday cake on a moving platform that sounds and transforms like Optimus Prime.

Russell MunroRussell Munro 03/25/2017 at 13:580 Comments

The first run of the printing is done and I'm really happy with the proportions and the standing motions some of parts aren't playing as well together.

In my experience with 3D modelling and printing this is to be expected. 3D modeling is great for designing the parts but as for interactions, how parts move with each other, there is little substitute for the real thing. So I have a few refinements to make, mostly on how the arms open and shut and how the head is raised and lowered.

In the picture you can see the little lead and steel weights I am using as stand-ins for the cake to make sure the motor and batteries are up the the task.

Also pictured is the switch (top-left corner) that I am using to activate the open and down motion for testing. Currently it is a simple switch, no Arduino yet. I am using 6AA batteries for about 8v of power and so far this seems to be enough juice to lift the frame with 900 grams of weight in 6 seconds.

As soon as I am happy I will post a video and the STLs soon after.