The xyz operating system

ZX Spectrum 48K ROM replacement.

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A preemptive multitasking operating system with an early Macintosh like GUI for ZX Spectrum 48K. In ROM.

Multitasking operating system for ZX Spectrum 48K with a early Macintosh like GUI. The project consists of

  • x compiler tools. Not reinventing warm water here, the plan is to update SDCC linker to enable  relocatable binaries.
  • y os (yos). The operating system. Currently console mode, but tty will be replaced with a GUI.
  • z windows (zwin). Early Macintosh like GUI on top of yos.

yos and zwin will work on original hardware and be a ROM replacement.

  • 0.3 Teaser

    Tomaz Stih07/18/2021 at 22:08 0 comments

  • Version 0.3 is out

    Tomaz Stih07/18/2021 at 22:02 0 comments

    Version 0.3 of yos is out and has

    • startup code
    • vectors and interrupts
    • basic code for threads (round robin scheduler)
    • basic code for processes
    • timers
    • synchronization events and thread blocking
    • syscalls
    • resource accounting
    • tty
    • ysh (y shell)

    Plan for 0.4:

    • stabilize processes and threads incl. cleanup functions after exiting
    • clipped bitmaps ... I need those for mouse cursor, fonts, icons, bitmaps.

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