cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular in the last few years, and the main reason for this is the increase in their value. However, this case should also be taken into account as the value of currency cryptocurrencies increases. The reason for the large number of users and other such factors is increasing. Meanwhile, there are currency codes that, in addition to low prices and lower extraction methods, have an interesting method for extracting or mining, for example DuinoCoin, which we will be able to mine these currency codes using microcontrollers. Visit CiferTechfor more tutorials, and be sure to follow my Instagrampage to support me.

DuinoCoin ᕲ

DuinoCoin is the only coin that can be mined with computers, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, ESP boards and many other microcontrollers. Supported by a large number of operating systems. It also has a growing and friendly community and is easy to use and exchange. This password can be mined on various systems and also supports Python and C ++ programming languages. Dinoquin has special software wallets and miners released by its developers, this currency code has been in operation since 2019. Also, the transfer and receipt process in DUCO is very easy. In DinoCoin, we first select the desired cryptocurrency pair, for example DUCO to BYND, then fill in the exchange form (username, amount exchanged, etc.) then wait for the exchange. You will be notified of your assets by email.

  • Coin supply: 350 thousand
  • Block supply: 35 million
  • Block time: instant
  • Ticker: DUCO (ᕲ)
  • Algorithms: DUCO-S1, DUCO-S1A

Arduino board

The Arduino board suite is one of the most popular development boards among embedded engineers, available in various models including Micro, proMini, Nano, Uno, as well as Mega. The core of these popular boards is the AtMega328 series. Arduino is an open source hardware, software and software platform. As mentioned earlier, the Arduino platform includes an open source single-board microcontroller that forms part of the Arduino hardware. In addition, the Arduino platform includes Arduino IDE software designed for programming Arduino boards and a software bootloader that loads on the microcontroller.

Why use DUCO?

Simply put, there is literally no other currency password that supports it. Many people have an Arduino that is just waiting for days to get used to it. Using these small devices in the world of cryptography is an interesting idea. The DUCO team wanted to create something new, innovative and unique, and from the point of view of the community it has assembled, it seems to have made it possible to extract ultra-low-energy devices. DuinoCoin also supports the following boards.