Squishing the sensors

A project log for TapV2

ESP32-Pico based, sensor-packed, kinda-silly wearable for not-every-day use!

XasinXasin 07/19/2021 at 21:230 Comments
Neatly lined up sensors
Those that look closely may see that the boundary of the sensor space looks a bit like the Mobile Emitter's cutout - you'd be right!

As the description of this project already describes, TapV2's main purpose is to be a playground of various sensors and other bits of data processing. Not for any specific reason, mind you - a lot of these elements here are just sensors we'd love to try out, or that we might find useful once a year and would like to have on hand.

Some of them may even be genuinely useful!

Right now we are still in the process of squishing the sensors we already selected as close together as possible and might go ahead and add one or two more if we find them interesting enough.
Perhaps the comments could even recommend something to add to the arsenal.

For now, the list is already quite capable.
Going from left to right we have:

The very rightmost components are for communication, such as a "On-Ground" WiFi antenna chip, and a IR module.

One last potential candidate as sensor is an ambient brightness and UV meter, to warn about excessive solar radiation, however the only part we could find for this has a big "Not recommended for new design" label across the datasheet, so it's a "maybe".

Oh, and those squares that are lined up next to every sensor module?
Those are 1.8mm sized NeoPixel clones, to illuminate each sensor's status and readouts - mainly to look flashy and interesting.

Let's see how hard it is to wire everything up. There is a reason why we chose automated assembly and 4-layer boards right from the conception of the project!