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ESP32-Pico based, sensor-packed, kinda-silly wearable for not-every-day use!

XasinXasin 07/26/2021 at 21:200 Comments

And, well, by details we mean... Everything else.

The board is both growing and shrinking - the former in the number of components that are already placed on the board, the latter in the amount of space that is still available for things.

All in all, the sensor slot has been populated pretty much completely, with only a few components left to sprinkle in such as support capacitors.

The rest of the board has also gotten models for programming, the illumination and signalling LEDs, as well as a few other components - FreeCAD has been especially helpful in the creation of missing 3D models for things such as the speaker and OLED screen.

A few components are still missing - mounting holes for the M1 screws to keep the casing together, and a little bit of passive circuitry all around.

The OLED screen might also change position a little, as currently it is quite squished in, though I always knew this would be the case.

She's looking better with every update, and with a few more hours of gently placing everything where it belongs, she's ready to order!

That is, if we can find a manufacturing service up for the task. This board features a rather large number of unusual footprints with individual parts that might throw a P&P machine off...

Input on where to get this done is greatly appreciated.

Also, for those wondering how big this PCB is in reality, here's a 1:1 scale print:

All I have to say is... Oh dear