Update 9/25/21

A project log for SOLAR DISPLAY CASE v2.0

A Weatherproof case housing three portable monitors allowing for increased productivity no matter where the user is working from.

brian-whitsettBrian Whitsett 09/25/2021 at 15:350 Comments

The solar roll is finally here! After patiently waiting months, I received the last piece I need to finish the Solar Display Case. I have put fabrication on hold until I have the panels so I can adjust the monitor frames accordingly to ensure the box closes and opens properly. I do have concerns regarding the amperage output of the panels however, I cannot believe I didn’t catch this before but the panels only operate at .28 Amps. I am not too worried since this is only a prototype and there is always a solution for everything. By wiring the five panels in parallel, we should be able to achieve about 1 Amp of output at 17-18 Volts. While not ideal, this will still suffice for a prototype build! I am excited for the next update, because the Solar Display Case is going to finally start taking form!