• The Plan

    Max Reynolds07/19/2021 at 13:12 0 comments


    1. Feed welding rod through 3d printer extruder assembly
    2. Drive rod through cutters
    3. Snip the rod with the servo attached to the cutters
    4. Rinse and repeat

    I want clicky buttons to control the settings.  And a NeoPixel to blink at me.

    1. Power on
    2. LED flashes to show ready
    3. Press button to start slow feed, until it passes the cutters
    4. Press button once it passes cutters to start program
    5. Cut
    6. Move forward pre-determined amount
    7. GOTO 5

    Forseeable problems:

    • Stepper won't be powerful enough
    • 3d printer extruder won't let the rod through
    • 3d printer extruder will mush up the rod so it is unusable
    • Servo won't be strong enough
    • Rod will slip, resulting in short lengths
    • Making a suitable enclosure