Basket Build

A project log for RC Hot Air Balloon

Propane Powered - Remote Controlled

Matt BarrMatt Barr 01/05/2017 at 13:160 Comments

The basket frame is built from lightweight aluminum angle, riveted in place. The sides of the basket are fitted with black foamcore panels trimmed to size. One sheet of foamcore from Hobby Lobby was enough to cut all the panels. The main burner is a simple propane weed burner from Harbor Freight. It is held in the basket with 20ga wire, and actuated with a high end (>400 oz/in) Savox servo. The servo attaches to the handle with some heavy gauge wire and a zip tie. Gas is provided by dual Coleman camping fuel tanks with a custom fitting to reduce a standard propane grill tank fitting to one that will fit the Coleman tanks. The burner comes with a pretty long hose with fitting attached, so it’s not too hard to connect.