A fun little browser game by why485

A project log for 4 joystick (6-axis 6-dof) game controller

a 4 joystick game controller for 6axis+ games (inertial thrust space games)

tsmspacetsmspace 10/01/2022 at 20:530 Comments

This game does not use the 4-joystick game controller, it is instead presently built on the xbox controller. 

why485 was discussing games with me and threw this together while we chatted in discord. He asked me what my preferred xbox config was and made the linked game work to those settings. This config is what I settled on when I was playing shooting games that required gun buttons to be easily available as well. The shoulder buttons would not be used for thrust in my original config, as the weapons would be on those buttons, but why485 included them as due to their own preference. I did use them a bit, but am accustomed to the thumbstick press. 

forward: left thumbstick press OR right shoulder

reverse: right thumbstick press  OR left shoulder

yaw: right thumbstick left-right

pitch: right thumbstick up-down

roll: left and right triggers

strafe up, down, left, right: left thumbstick.