The Slootmotor is the one vehicle that truly delivers an alternative. Powered by self-harvested fuel, straight from local sources.

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Project UITSLOOT celebrates the power of do-it-yourself and individual agency. It provides a new, more direct understanding of how desire, effort, reward and impact balance out. The Slootmotor is the one vehicle that truly delivers an alternative. Not relying on high technology, incomprehensible devices and resources from all over the world; it is powered by local, sustainable and environmentally cooling sources. The fuel is harvested with minimal tools and simple solutions straight from your neighbourhood pond or ditch.

The Plompstation brings the alternative to your local neighbourhood. Stop outsourcing your ethics to big corporations, become part of the process again and be aware of the consequences of your desires.

Transporting yourself has never been this fun and rewarding before.

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The first locally harvested and environmentally cooling fuel.

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lukasz.iwaszkiewicz wrote 09/21/2021 at 07:42 point

I love the ridiculous look of the moped, and the ecologic aspect behind it! Could you provide more information on the "slootgas" itself? It took me quit some time to find some information like this : (is it correct?) and it is not obvious what is the process that makes this gas at the first place. I mean I understand it comes from ponds, but more information wold be welcomed!

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