In / Out Status Boards

Status indicators for the office environment.

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In / Out status indicators for office pods.
Features include:
- EEPROM backup of status array
- Quick and easy operation
- 5 status choices
- Individually addressable units
- 433MHz connectivity (simplex)
- Debounced kepresses
- Ambient light sensing (only implemented on one unit so far)
- Dry-wipe scribbling space
- Support for repeater boards (433MHz)
- Easter eggs

Previously we had whiteboards that had laminated indicators velcroed on.
These were placed on the sides of the partitions between the desks, all faced the walkway so you had to kneel down to write on them. Plus, many were obscured from view down the office by cabinets along the side of the walkway.

These boxes are light-up indicators that can be seen the length of the R+D office, push-buttons change the lights, and details can be written on the laminate overlay with a fine dry-wipe pen.
The buttons are software debounced, and toggle between green and red for short presses. If held, they will change blue, then yellow, then black (off). when short pressed from any state except green, it will turn green.

The status is also saved to EEPROM and restored upon bootup so the status persists through power cycles.

These have had 433MHZ transmitters fitted (with sticky tape in some situations) and a reading is taken from pin A1 to determine role (address). This can be picked up by the repeaters fitted outside the office.

Of course, this wouldnt be complete without an easter egg, for the pods, after the 50th buttonpress it waits 5 seconds (for the person to walk away) and initiates one of 5 sequences.

For the repeaters, a particular packet can be set to initiate the patterns, I've made a EASTER_EGG_TX on breadboard that does this every 10 mins or on demand via CLI

Ideas Discounted:

 - RFID triggering - cant change if left ID pass at home and cant change someone to 'Sick' status without thier card

 - Fingerprint scanner - similar issue, cant change someone elses status

 - screen for status - too much of a pain, dry-wipe pen is simple (no keyboard needed etc)

  • Code can be found here:

  • 8 × Arduino Nano From eBay for £2.50 ish
  • 1 × set of 50 WS2801 LED string lights eBay £27 ish
  • 30 × simple, panel mounted pushbuttons £20 for 30
  • 1 × load of cut MDF about £10 from local hardware store(B&Q), including cutting
  • 1 × can of white primer £8 from B&Q

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  • finally on the wall

    David Hopkins08/08/2014 at 12:59 0 comments

    pretty much that... Its on the wall. It has taken an age for facilities to drill 2 holes for the power cables but it is finally done :-)

    Easter egg device has been made too .. Pics to follow

    Simple 2xCR2032 batteries, arduino nano, 6way switch, Pushbutton and 433mhz module.

  • Done

    David Hopkins07/15/2014 at 15:34 0 comments

    Project is pretty much complete... for now, there are some features that could be added but we shall see if the business/my curiosity requires them. Seems to be working pretty well so far, I'll post pics of the repeaters in situé when they go on the wall.

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  • 1
    Step 1

    If instructions are wanted then I will write some.

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mosaicmerc wrote 10/29/2014 at 05:45 point
Hi, I need some advice on the RX/TX in how to set them up for UC comms etc.
I plan on getting a few!

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David Hopkins wrote 01/04/2015 at 23:46 point

unsure of the term UC comms, but wiring them up is pretty simple, and i would heartily recommend the chip-based receivers instead of the coil-based ones, they don't work well at all. also, aerials make a fair bit of difference with these things, i got mine (with antennas) from tindie......

as for code-based things, there's a great deal about for arduino for different types of communication.

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